Before you buy or sell a home, it's important to get a report about the property's overall condition. This report, or ‘survey’ can tell you if there are problems with the property’s structure, repairs or alterations that need to be made or any other risks associated with the property.

A survey might appear as additional, unnecessary cost, but it is better to be aware of any matters that might need attention now, rather than discover problems that are time consuming and expensive to resolve after you move in. It will also give you comfort that the price agreed represents market value.

There are different types, and we can help you with:

  • Property valuations
  • Condition reports
  • Homebuyer reports
  • Building surveys
  • Tax valuations
  • Matrimonial valuations
  • Probate valuations

Our Surveying Service is run in partnership with a major national firm of Chartered Surveyors and will arm you with information regarding the condition of the property and its value.

If you are applying for a mortgage, your Mortgage Consultant can usually organise a survey to be carried out alongside the mortgage valuation. Find your local office and speak to one of our Mortgage Consultants or estate agency staff. Alternatively please call our Survey & Valuation team directly on 01525 218619.